On the evening of September 28th, designers, urban agriculture experts and chefs gathered at Gotham Green's rooftop greenhouse in Greenpoint for an interactive dinner that examined the way we eat, grow, share and cook food. This rooftop dinner served as a platform to discuss how our food system looks in the city of the future, and the growing movement of makers actively testing and incubating fresh ideas that redefine how our cities operate. 


Imprimatur examined the impact on our food system has on our cities, and the local innovators that are acting as agents of change to dramatically alter the the way food is grown, distributed, and shared in the city of the future. Featuring acclaimed chefs and an up-and-coming blogger, each culinary talent created a dish with a unique take on salad. Franklin Becker, Top Chef Alum and Co-Founder of The Little Beet and Hungryroot, Jaime Young, Chef and Parter of upcoming Williamsburg restaurant Sunday in Brooklyn and former Chef de Cuisine at two-Michelin starred Atera, and Mariela Alvarez, Founder and Blogger of Tasty Plan whipped up surprising and delightful salads that made attendees stop and rethink the anatomy of a salad.


Key Takeaways

Keeping It City-Local Imprimatur’s fourth event, Tasting Ecologies, was a celebration of local makers transforming the NYC food industry from within. Hosted at Gotham Greens, a worldwide pioneer in the field of urban agriculture, the company showcased how innovation and technology are brining New Yorkers year-round access to premium quality, hyper-local produce. The company's urban greenhouses are adaptive reuse of urban space, allowing them to harvest fresh produce daily and transport the food from farm to fork in hours, not days. Our dinner showcased unique, local makers that are testing new ideas within the city. The dinner also featured dessert from local makers including Ovenly and Raaka Chocolate, who hand creaft chocolate from bean to bar using unroasted cacao. Learn how they make their delicious bars here. Libations were kept Brooklyn-centric with beers from Threes Brewing and gin from New York Distilling Company. As the maker movement continues to maintain a strong presence New York City, we’re excited to see what’s next.

New Consciousness With a more educated awareness of the environmental repercussions of eating animals, vegetables are shifting towards the center of the plate. One of our chefs, Jaime Young points out that “the consumer has become a more discerning and more educated eater.” Chef Franklin Becker says that “vegetarianism and veganism will continue to thrive with more and more known chefs turning to vegetables as a focus. From pickling celtuce and cauliflower to reimagining dishes with familiar flavors, our culinary talent gave our guests a taste of what a salad could be. “Rather than trying to make plant-based versions of traditional meat centric food, more and more chefs are celebrating vegetables for what they have to offer, a source of unlimited possibilities, far more colorful, flavorful, and bold than a typical piece of steak – vegetables are the new frontier,” says the third chef, Mariela Alvarez, founder of Tasty Plan.

Restaurants as a Classroom At ICRAVE, we are always reimagining new experiences and changing the status quo in our work – in this case, this event we produced reimagined the possibilities for new dining experiences. Beyond looking across an open kitchen and into a burning hearth, we think that restaurants have potential to be a new type of cooking school for people. At Tasting Ecologies, guests interacted with the chefs themselves at the food source and learned alternative ways to prepare vegetables. This powerful dynamic shows that modern diners are very much interested in knowing what’s behind the food and speaking with the people who are making their meals.


Designed for our event Tasting Ecologies, our culinary talent each brought their own unique take on a salad. Bringing greens to the center of the plate, each of these dishes highlights different techniques that make the ingredients shine. To extend the spirit of this dinner, we are sharing their recipes with you. We hope that you see vegetables differently and continue to reimagine your relationship with food! Download all the recipes here

event photos